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Insane Records by Amazing Warriors


Charlie. Whitmore
Charlie. Whitmore are a winner in the battle of Ragnarok. Smashed the bar with after burn and toped that with three more pieces, new World Record! (11)

Four Horsemen

James. Kloepper
James. Kloepper has the insane record of 10 white skulls in one sitting, same amount of peppers as Ragnarok 160 Carolina Reapers.


Awaiting Records…
James. Kloepper, Charlie. Whitmore and Jakub. Zbrzezny has complete the challenge.

Pure Insanity X2

Mike. Jack
Mike. Jack smashed three boxes of Pure Insanity, 12 red pure evil skulls. Two boxes takes him into the Wall of Flame, but one more gave him the record.

Draugr (History)

Micheal. Morgan
Before rules update Micheal. Morgan from Never Better Club had the Endurance record. This World Record is 242:22m:s (OLD RULES).

Draugr Endurance

Awaiting Records…
Dave. McFarland, Jakub. Zbrzezny and Stefan. Harrop shares this spot with the same time 40:00m:s (max time with one lollie).

Draugr Insanity

Awaiting Records…
Ferenc. Potocki and Alan. Graham both with the same time 60:00m:s

Draugr N.E.U.K

Alan. Graham

Alan “Spicelander” Graham has the new speed record with the time: 11:05m:s

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